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Post  baboo736 on Fri Oct 02, 2009 12:49 pm

Name/IGN:My rl name is andre have not made ign but will be Caution



Have you played MapleStory before? (If so, how long?):Yes i have played maplestoy for 4 yrs and private server for half of that.Smile

How long have you played this server?:0 expirence sorry

Do u have any experience?(If so, list them):As gm?Yes i have been a gm on ShadowzMS and FutureloveMs

How are you going to help the server? How have you helped the server so far?:No i have not helped but i will vote every 12 hrs and donate every once in a while also i make videos and youtube vids:)

How often are you going to be on SuperMS(During the summer? During regular school days?) What's your time zone?On holdidays about 4-10hrs and on school days 2-7hrs

Other:Like i said i make videos and banners

If a player was hacking, without permission and it was a very serious and dangerous hack, how would you act and suggest?I would with no thought just ban him but first take some screenshots incase he tries to get my fired for doin nothing.Not cool

If you saw another gamemaster abusing, and threatening players, who is a HIGHER rank than you, what would you do?:I would take some Screenshots and not do anything from their expept send private message to owner.If i say back of during abuse they will deny it.

A player is admitting his friend is doing serious damage to the server, but his friend wants him to stop, without being banned. And if banned, the players will leave, which the friends are 1/2 of the server, what would you do to prevent all of this and stop the hacking?Well if they are abusing the rules and guide to our server they will just have to suffer and get banned unfortunately


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Post  Kibu on Sat Oct 03, 2009 3:18 am

Last question you never EVEN thought about. I dont care why.

Gender Matters.

If a player was hacking, without permission and it was a very serious and dangerous hack, how would you act and suggest? You dont try and ban instant. You reason, I didnt really like your enthusiasm and attitude either.

I didnt really like it. No vote from me.

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