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Post  Alex on Tue Nov 17, 2009 5:29 am

Name/IGN: My name is Alex, my IGN is going to be Sundaze.

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Have you played MapleStory before? (If so, how long?): Yes. I hav played maplestory for 4 years. All private servers.

How long have you played this server?: I haven't played the server yet because it hasn't been on.

Do u have any experience?(If so, list them): yes i have been a gm level 3-4 in these servers- CrayonMS, WarMS, RealMS, and realmaples.

Other: i can code NimaKin and Kin but thats it.Very Happy

How are you going to help the server? How have you helped the server so far?: I will help this server by advertising. I do alot of advertising and ive started already. I will keep the server clean and hack-free. I'm pretty sure i'm in a different timezone(Eastern Time) so when other GM's aren't on i will be to keep the server running. I also know alot about maplestory so i can help people that are new to the server. I aslo can do events.

How often are you going to be on SuperMS(During the summer? During regular school days?) What's your time zone? During the summer, weekdays for about 3-7 hours. During regular school days i would say about 1-4 hours. It mostly depends on how much homework i have.

If a player was hacking, without permission and it was a very serious and dangerous hack, how would you act and suggest? Jail them and with the owner's permission ip ban them. I don't think hacking should be tolerated.

If you saw another gamemaster abusing, and threatening players, who is a HIGHER rank than you, what would you do?: I would notify owner and send him a screen shot so that he can see what has been going on.

A player is admitting his friend is doing serious damage to the server, but his friend wants him to stop, without being banned. And if banned, the players will leave, which the friends are 1/2 of the server, what would you do to prevent all of this and stop the hacking? I will warn him and if it continues he will get jailed. If it continues he would have to get banned because if i dont then everyone else will probably start hacking too thinking they wont get caught or banned for it. Very Happy


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GM Application-Alex Empty Re: GM Application-Alex

Post  iSpecial ^^ on Sat Nov 28, 2009 9:37 am

This is pretty good.
but we have a whole bunch of GMs.
I don't think we need anymore, Sorry.

iSpecial ^^

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